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Why would I want a Pivot Door instead of a traditional door?


How does the Pivot work? Do you have to drill into the floor or ceiling to install this?


Are Pivot doors easier to open or close?


Are there any gaps between the frame and where the door pivots?

Our Pivot door is specifically designed for an oversized entrance of 4". Giving your custom home a modern feature with its innovative pivot design that everyone that who walks into your home will notice and admire.

Our Pivot door works by placing majority of the door's weight on a single pivot hinge mounted inside the bottom of the frame.  The pivot pin can be moved for fine tuning after installation. The door and jamb are fully assembled, there is no need for additional drilling or modifications to the ceiling or the floor. 

Since the weight of the door is carried by the pivot instead of typical hinges, it operates with ease as if it is floating in the opening. The door also has an assisted soft close feature that makes shutting the door effortless. 

The space between the door slab and frame are applied with weather insulated weatherstripping on all 4 sides

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